From your Volunteer Coordinator

Welcome to the Miracle League of Green Bay’s 2018 season. Many of you already know who I am but for those who don’t, let me introduce myself. My name is Shelly Curran and I am the Volunteer Coordinator for our league.
As the Volunteer Coordinator, it’s my job to ensure that all volunteers are signed up, have signed a release and have been trained. Volunteers should contact me if they have questions or need help resolving an issue.
Preseason, as Volunteer Coordinator I pair buddies to players based on information in the data base, initiate contact with Coaches, Assistant Coaches and confirm who will be utilized as the Team Assistant. If no Team Assistant is chosen one can be assigned if and when an interested person registers for the position. Coaches aren’t required to have a Team Assistant.
Throughout the season it’s my responsibility as the Volunteer Coordinator to work with the Coach to ensure league rules are being followed and to ensure they are kept up to date with important information or events.
If someone is violating one of the league rules and the team Coach is unable or unwilling to enforce a league rule, I as the Volunteer Coordinator will step in and attempt to enforce the league rule that is being violated. If I too am unsuccessful, it is then up to the Executive Director, Gary Rogaczewski, to speak to the individual and if necessary, remove the individual from the field. The Executive Director holds the highest authority in the league.
As the Volunteer Coordinator I work closely with the Team Assistant to ensure Buddy matches are appropriate and if necessary, I have the ability to make appropriate changes.
I am responsible for all volunteer records, so any changes need to be coordinated with me. I have access to personal information that Coaches and Team Assistants don’t have access to which could impact the decision. For example: the Team Assistant wants to switch Maddie’s Buddy from Sarah to Sam because Maddie likes to be carried around and Sam is stronger. Unfortunately the Team Assistant has no way of knowing that interacting with males causes Maddie to have nightmares. Had the Volunteer Coordinator been involved in the decision she/he could have looked at Maddie’s file and said no, we need to have a female Buddy for her for personal reasons. It’s not a competition or a power control issue, it’s a privacy and compatibility issue.
It’s my responsibility as the Volunteer Coordinator to work with the Team Assistant throughout the season, to ensure they have enough Buddies present at each game and to assist with locating Sub Buddies if necessary. I am always more than happy to step in as a Buddy for any team, when needed.
Unfortunately technology does not always work and sometimes emails or text messages are missed. When we work together in a buddy system it ensures all bases are covered. Another example from a previous season is, a Buddy called me late in the day, an emergency had arisen and she couldn’t make it. I left a message for the Team Assistant and also arranged for a Backup Buddy just in case. As it turned out the Team Assistant hadn’t received my message and ended up utilizing the Buddy I arranged. Team work!
Buddies should always attempt to contact their Team Assistant first if they’re going to absent or late. If you’re unsuccessful or unsure if your Team Assistant received your message then you would contact me.
As Volunteer Coordinator I am readily available for all Miracle League Volunteers throughout the season, to ensure things operate smoothly and information is relayed in a timely manner. I can be reached by phone or text at 920-713-6562, email, and at the ballpark during the games. My goal is for all of our Volunteers to have a successful season, so please don’t be afraid to reach out for any reason. Thank you all for choosing to volunteer for the Miracle League of Green Bay, I look forward to seeing you all very soon!

The Miracle League of Green Bay will end it's 2021 season with a game against the Green Bay Booyah's! Miracle league players who want to participate should be at the Booyah stadium by 11:30 AM at the latest! For everyone else, have a wonderful offseason! We hope to see you all back again next season!