Chevy Test Drive

All Families:
Both Gandrud and Broadway Automotive are again supporting the Miracle league in multiple ways. Each sponsors a team in the league. In addition both dealers will be awarding our league with a $500 donation in equipment for the league. They will also donate $25 for each test drive that is done from now until Memorial day. This could result in an additional $500 for the Miracle league from each dealer.

I have an assignment for you. Please go to either Broadway Automotive or Gandrud (or both) and ask to test drive the Chevy vehicle of our choice. Let them know you are doing this as part of the Miracle league of Green Bay promotion so that we get credit for the test drive. You are under no obligation to buy a vehicle. The sales staff are familiar with the program.
So get your family together and take a test drive for the benefit of the Miracle league. Do it now so you don’t forget
Broadway automotive is located on Ashland Ave
Gandrud is on the east side on Auto Plaza drive.

Gary Rogaczewski
Executive Director

Wednesday July 28th. As of 4:30 PM all games are on! Watch for updates. We don't want to cancel prematurely if there's only a drizzle!