Virus Update

Good Afternoon Miracle league of Green Bay Friends and Families.
As our nation continues to battle this horrible virus, I want to assure you that Gary, Paul and I continue to monitor and adhere to the guidelines set out by the Government for the safety and well being of all of you, especially our players.
This will most likely mean that our 2020 schedule will change.
It does not mean that we’ll cancel the 2020 season completely.
There will come a time when the Government and CDC deem it safe for all of us to get back to our normal activities. Children will return to school, parents will return to work and community events will once again resume.
Once it’s been determined that the danger of contracting this virus has passed we will review all of our available options and plan accordingly.
Options we’ve discussed to date have been having a later start date, possibly shortening the season or as a last resort, hosting something like a weekend marathon event. Unfortunately, nothing can be determined until the threat of this virus goes away.
Worst case scenario, if it ends up being too late in the summer to play our weekly games, we’d like at minimum to host some form of 15th Anniversary event.
Whether it be a marathon weekend as previously mentioned or just a one day event. Our players will still be given the opportunity to participate in baseball. They will be assigned to their teams as normal, receive their jerseys and hats, have team photos taken and receive a few additional surprises as well.
We fully intend to implement additional safety guidelines at the ballpark and continue to discuss ways to achieve this.
I’ll continue to update as new information becomes available.

Please remember the greatest defense at this time is “Social Distancing”, “Staying Home” for those who can, “Hand Washing” with soap and water and “Disinfecting Surfaces”. If you become ill self isolate.

Be safe everyone, my thoughts remain with all of you during this scary time….

Registration is currently open for all players and volunteers! Parents, the final day for player registration for the 2022 season is April 1st 2022!.