Batter up!

It’s a great sound when the umpire belts out, “Play ball!” Every season, our Miracle Leaguers can’t wait to take the field. Their excitement is contagious and heart-warming to see – because we believe every child deserves the chance to play baseball.

What's happening

Our 2019 Registration Has Begun

Hello to all! I'd like to welcome each of you to our 2019 season of Miracle League of Green Bay baseball.
All of us here at the Miracle League of Green Bay are looking forward to another great summer of exciting baseball. This year our season officially kicks off on June 1st 2019.
Our player registration deadline is April 1st 2019. If you haven't registered your child to play, please do so before this date because we cannot accept any late registrations.
Several people seem to be having difficulty registering either their child or
themselves this year. Please follow the following steps to ensure your registration is a success.
1) Please don't use auto fill. The system doesn't seem to like it and using it often leads to error messages.
2) Make sure all of the yellow highlighted areas are completed. The "evening" phone is required even if you only have a cell/mobile phone.
3) When re entering your email address please make sure there isn't an extra space before the second entry. This typically occurs more often when using auto fill.
4) On the Volunteer form, make sure you select whether or not you're a returning volunteer.
5) On the player form, make sure the school section and diagnosis section are also filled out. If they're not you'll receive an error.
6) If you are successful with registering your child please keep a copy of your registration form before submitting your payment. This form is our only method of verifying your child was registered in the event they don't appear in our database. If you've requested a scholarship for your child and don't need to submit payment please keep the form for your records.
Parents and Legal Guardians, please take a moment to review the rules set out by the league as well as the Parent Expectations. This will help ensure we all have a successful 2019 season.
Thank you all for being a part of the Miracle League of Green Bay. It's exciting to know we're just weeks away from hearing those wonderful words "PLAY BALL!!"

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Apparel Sale

Need some new Miracle League gear for the 2018 season? Check out this year’s lineup of apparel and fill out your order form. The ordering deadline is on opening day, June 2, so don’t forget to bring your completed form with you. See you at Resch Miracle Field!
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Hudson Devroy
Austin Fritschler
Hunter Gauthier
Elena Hruska
Zander Mayhew
Xander Miller
Colton Miller
Kiara Miller
Aliyah Rettler
Wyatt Ryerson
Kobe Shaw
Carolyn VanSaders
Landon Weber

Isaac Bashta
Joshua Brandenburg
Mark Darrow
Jacob Gander
Abbi Hilke
Chris Hilke
Luke Kaumheimer
Nick Matheson
Lily Puzen
Zoe Shephard
Will Sheppard
Michael Sommerfeldt
Holland Verbeten

Elijah Andrastek
Gavin Bos
Jordan Demro
Gavin Felchlin
Landon Francois
Jay Fry
Emily Geurts
Lauren Hartliep
Heather Pahl
Owen Thiry
Logan Thiry
Aden Widmer

Parker Bastien
James Coppens
Amber Furcho
Lily Greaves
Mohamed Haji
Blaine Johnson
Sean Marx
Benson Mccoy
Hannah Platkowski
Jonah Rogan
Elias Sierra
Dylan Van Haren
Zawlocki IV

Joshua Eckberg
Adam Ehlers
Liam Jackson
Joshua Johnson
Claire Krueger
Taylor Kyles
Matthew Lucas
Jayden Mitchell
Ash Resler
Kasle Resler
Zachary Weisse
Grace Wiitala
Cameron Wilson

Ryan Brenholt
Allie Engles
Hayden Helf
Carter Hrubesky
Clara Kerkhoff
Rianne McNaughton
jaxson moore
Benjamin Nachtwey
Brooklyn Panske
Ethan Sallinen
Alyssa Schroeder
Luke Skala
Tristin Wipfli

Micah Annoye
Lucas Benson
Cassie Bronander
Isaac Buckarma-McGregor
Emalee Cross
Seth Cross
William Hundsrucker
Eli Melendy
Carter Ninham
Sebastian Vega
Gracen Verhagen
Bennett Wichlacz
Abigail Wichlacz

Tara Bailey
Sean Behmke
Liam Brassil
Marshall Bristol
Noah Johnson
Nathan Johnson
Emersyn Johnson
Kaislyn Knedlhans
Samantha Lawyer
Airyn Livingston
Kira Lucht
Gabby Somers
Ethan Webster

Bradley Boravich
Colton Drella
Madisan Ferron
Jordan Miles
Caleb Novotny
Hailey Novotny
Sawyer Princl
Ollie (Oliver) Pryes
Nash Riemer
Bryce Thoren
Steve VAnDenBusch
Carter Wilson
Steven Wright Jr

Max Barhite
Alyssa Carter
Ethan Cumicek
Brysson Dahlin
Trent Etienne
Brent etienne
Zachary Litkey
Spencer Martzahl
Addy Pogrant
Abigail Reiman
Landon Richardson
Nathan Wagner
Michael Wirts

Carter Buchberger
Briley Kimps
Kayla Kittelson
Nicky Kurimski
Cody Kurimski
Silas Larson
Adam Paprocki
Martin Ponce JR
Seth Smurawa
Jordan Stiteley
Brendon Timm-kelley
Elysia VanDerPerren
Austin Wolfcale

Eli Bushman
Hannah Bushman
Santiago Carrion
Kaitlyn Engels
Jacob Landis
Rex Lochman
Madelynn Trost
Annamarie VandenHeuvel
Tabetha VandenHeuvel
Noah Veeser-Gilson
Damien Wagner
Vince Zeitler

Brielle Foytik
John Jahnke
Ethan Johnson
Nadine Lloyd
Madison Maney
Jo Mayo
Oliver Nortch
Lucas Ourada
Miles Paulsen
Trevor Theunis
Madasyn Veley
Izzy Verstoppen
Grace Weyenberg

Cori Adelman
Brayden Brooks
Makayla Chmielewski
William Edmonds
Rex Hegnet
Carson Hencke
Kayden Hermes
Ryan Kopidlansky
Kaden Lawrence
Peyton Lohfink
Dominic Sinclair
Myles Welnetz
Jonathan Wesley-Hubbard

Morgan Bodart
Nabeeha Imran
Summer Le Mieux
Carson Messenger
Beau Rose
Christopher Schmitz
Sapphira Spreeman-Turner
Joseph (Joey) Steffek
Patrick Swaney
Preston Taylor
Matthew Waters
Abby Zentmeyer

Joshua Basten
Evan Basten
Kyle Bunke
Adra Crane
Liam Hannon
Carson Kinnard
Samantha “Sami” Kreuser
Alivia LaLuzerne
Isaac Stirn
Trenten Strnad
Ryan Vanden Avond
Emma Wians

How it all works

Miracle League of Green Bay
Game Rules & Regulations


  1. Players must be registered by a parent or legal guardian and have signed/agreed to liability and media release. A parent or guardian MUST be in attendance for the Child to play.
    * All volunteers must register to be on the field, this INCLUDES PARENTS.
  2. Each Player and Volunteer is covered by insurance.
  3. Each Player receives a team jersey and team hat. Each new Buddy receives a Buddy shirt.
  4. Each Player gets to bat each inning.
  5. Each Player gets to circle the bases to score a run each inning.
  6. Every Player scores and is never called “Out”.
  7. Last batter up each inning hits a “Home Run”.
  8. Two innings per game.
  9. Game Time = 1 hour and 15 minutes
  10. Each Player has an assigned Buddy for each game. At times, a substitute Buddy may be provided. Parents may also be requested to fill in as Child’s Buddy. Parents are REQUIRED to wear a buddy shirt.
  11. Teams consist of no more than 12/13 Players.
  12. Each Player receives a trophy at the end of the season.
  13. A 9 inch soft-core safety baseball is used. A special “beeping “ball is available for the visually impaired.
  14. Players AND Volunteers MUST wear proper athletic shoes. No Shoes; No Play. Players and Volunteers MUST also be in uniform. No Uniform; No Play. Both of these rules will be strictly enforced this year by both the Volunteer Coordinator and Executive Director.
  15. Food, Gatorade, soda, juice or any other flavored drinks are not permitted in the dugouts. WATER ONLY!
  16. Games are cancelled in the event of rain or inclement weather. Cancellations are posted on the web site, Facebook and communicated to coaches for team contact. Rainouts are not made up.
  17. Each team has a Head Coach, Assistant Coach, and Team Assistant. Coaches will work closely with the Volunteer Coordinator, Shelly Curran and are expected to enforce league rules with parents, players and buddies.
  18. An Umpire covers each game to call Players safe at first and home. Enthusiasm is necessary in this position; they must help make the game FUN.
  19. Coaches are to huddle the Children before the start of each game.
    1. May say a prayer if preferred
    2. Give a great big “GOOOOOO (Team Name)”
  20. Reminder that Buddies are there for three reasons.
    1. Safety and protection of the Miracle League Player
    2. Assist the Miracle League Player, but only as needed
    3. Encouragement
  21. A scholarship fund is available for players who are not able to pay the registration fee. Scholarship application must be received and approved before player can play.

*We no longer have a Grandparent Proxy. In accordance with the national rules Parents or legal Guardians must be present.

Updated: December 31, 2018

Miracle League of Green Bay
Parent Expectations

From the Executive Director:

Miracle League of Green Bay
Parent Expectations

The Miracle League goal is to make participation in the sport of baseball as enjoyable and realistic of an experience for your child as possible. Safety is a top priority. For that reason we have volunteers who are buddies to assist each child, and we have expectations of parents who sign up their child for the program. Please read and abide by the following Parent Expectations to help assure a safe and wonderful baseball environment. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Gary Rogaczewski /Executive Director of the Miracle League of Green Bay

Paul Liegeois /Founder and General Manager of the Miracle League of Green Bay

Shelly Curran / Volunteer and Special Events Coordinator/ Social Media Administrator

 Parent Attendance – A parent or guardian MUST be in attendance at all of the Miracle League athlete’s games. The rule is “No Parent: No Play”.

·         When you agreed/signed the Release at Registration you agreed to this mandatory condition of play. By being present, the Parent is expected to be the first responder in any case of an illness, accident, or injury to their child. That parent is also expected to have on-hand any specific medications for that child, and be solely responsible for dispensing them as required. YOU are there for all medical decisions involving your child. A first-aid kit is available at the concession stand.   This is not the buddy’s responsibility. * At least one parent is required to be registered in our Volunteer database.

Uniform Required – The team uniform is required to be worn. “No Uniform: No Play”. This applies to parents acting as buddies as well. If you don’t have a buddy shirt, one will be supplied by our Volunteer Coordinator.  

Proper Shoes Required – Sport shoes, or “tennis” shoes are the proper footwear. No open–toe shoes, sandals or slides/slip-ons allowed. This is a safety rule and will be enforced. “No Shoes: No Play”. 

Weekly Attendance Expected– If you cannot be in attendance at the next week’s game, it is expected that you communicate that to your team leads so that, as a courtesy, your child’s buddy can be informed to not have to be there or so they can be used to be a substitute buddy for another buddy who is unable to show.  Do not only inform your child’s buddy and expect that message to get back to your team leads.  You must contact your team leads.

Please understand that buddies are volunteering their time and we need to be respectful in informing them of a child’s absence.  Plus, they are excited and some of them are trying to earn community ‘service hours.’

Buddies Are to Remain at the Field ‘In Play’ (not at playground) – While our buddies are paired up with individual children, our buddies are dedicated to help the overall team. There is not an expectation for buddies to work or play with children ‘off’ the field at the playground or otherwise should a child decide to leave the game, mid-game.  Unless buddies are family members, buddies should remain available to the team.

Only Authorized Persons Allowed on Field – Once the game starts, only authorized persons are allowed on the field (those players, volunteers and team management that have signed electronic releases and are covered by the league’s insurance). Unless there as a buddy, this means No parents, other siblings, grandparents, etc. allowed otherwise on the field or in the dugouts during games.

No Food or Beverages Allowed on Field or in Dugouts – Food and beverages, except for water, are not allowed in the dugouts or on the field. Parents, please do not furnish food, snacks or beverages to be consumed in the dugouts or on the field. Spills and litter on the field attract birds and wasps, which then usually results in a slippery, unsafe mess. Please help by ensuring all food and beverages remain off the field.
Your Volunteer Help is Needed – Especially if you applied for and received a scholarship it is expected that you are available to volunteer to help, if asked, for things like staffing the concession stand to helping out for special events or fundraisers.

Updated 12.31.2018