Give back. The reward is pretty special.

Get involved and experience the joy of Miracle League. It’s way more than just a ball game. We promise you one of the most rewarding volunteer experiences you’ll ever have. There are lots of ways to get involved, and you’ll be glad you did. All it takes is that first smile you help bring to a special kid’s face.

Miracle League Buddies are volunteers ranging in age from 14 to senior citizens. These include family members and local youth/civic groups and corporations. Though we call them Buddies, many people refer to the volunteers as Angels in the Outfield.


  • To protect the Miracle League Player at all times
  • When hard hitter is up to bat, Buddies are to step in front of Player for protection
  • Always allow Player as much freedom as possible to play his/her own game
  • Assist Player according to their needs
  • Be of good spirit with enthusiasm, love, good attitude and concern in motivating the players and their families
  • Become their friend; get to know the players and their families
  • Demonstrate high morals and integrity on and off the field
  • Act as teacher and mentor to Player


  • Regularly show up on your assigned Player’s game night once a week – either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday – and for opening/closing games (2 Saturdays). Arrives 30 minutes prior to game time.
  • Attend 45 minute training session (new Buddies) with Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Be properly dressed in Buddy shirt and athletic footwear (no open-toe shoes or shoes without backs; no slides, sandals or deck shoes on field)
  • Protect Players – be attentive and stay near them at all times
  • Provide enthusiasm and encouragement throughout the game – and have fun!!


This position was formerly known as Buddy Coordinator/Team Mom.


  • Arrives 30 minutes prior to game time
  • Assists league Volunteer Coordinator with weekly Buddy assignments
    • Communicates with Parents and Buddies each week prior to next game as to expected attendance plans or absences
    • Responsible for weekly coordination of Buddy schedule. Arranges for substitute Buddies in the event of Buddy cancellations. A team Buddy ‘on call’ list will be provided. Works closely with league Volunteer Coordinator.
    • Picks up game materials for the team from the concession stand and coordinates Buddy-Player assignments as Players and Buddies arrive for their game. Ensures Buddies are wearing name tags.
  • Assists the Head and Assistant Coaches, with game-day activities and coordination of team events (i.e. roster, batting order, team pictures, etc.)
  • Keeps the line-up moving from dug-out to batting order. Assists Players with helmets and bats. Helps Assistant Coach with immediately retrieving bats after each batter so they are out of the way of runners and neatly returns them to the team’s bat rack.
  • Coordinates special events sign-ups for their team for both Players and Buddies (i.e. Grandparents Day and Family Fun Day at end of season). Distributes and keeps track of event tickets.
  • Demonstrates enthusiasm, love, and concern for each player and family



  • Arrives at the field 30 minutes prior to game time
  • Coordinates team activities with Assistant Coach and Team Assistant
  • Verifies that each Player and Volunteer has registered and signed a release
  • Ensures that each Player has a uniform
  • Contacts Players families as to team assignment
  • Provides families with game schedule or where to find it on Web site
  • Maintains regular contact with Players and their families to provide information on upcoming events, schedule changes, rainouts
  • Communicates concerns regarding specific Player to the Exec Director or Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Attends Coaches meetings as called by the Volunteer Coordinator and or Executive Director
  • Provides copies of the team line-up to the game announcer before each game (Players name, pronunciation, and number)
  • Packs up the team equipment if playing the last game of the day
  • Assist Players as they cross home plate, high-five, congratulate them
  • Designates the responsibilities of the Assistant Coach and assures that they take an active role in participating in the coaching duties
  • Ensures that the game keeps moving to avoid running past the next start time
  • Enforces league rules, including requirement for wearing correct athletic footwear, wearing a uniform, and having the batting helmet on. (No Shoes, No Play; No Uniform, No Play) Works with the Volunteer Coordinator to resolve any issues.
  • Huddle Players before each game in order to get them excited about the game.
    1. A prayer if the coach prefers
    2. A great big “GOOOOOO (Team Name)”
  • Is responsible for maintaining a fun and safe atmosphere for Players



  • Arrives at the field 30 minutes prior to the game
  • Assists the Head Coach and Team Assistant with team activities
  • Verifies with Team Assistant that each Player has a Buddy
  • In the absence of the Head Coach, is expected to know the duties of, and carry out the responsibilities of Head Coach for that day
  • Picks up the batter’s bat immediately after each batter so out of the way of runners and neatly returns them to the team’s bat rack
  • Actively provides encouragement and enthusiasm to Players
  • Gives attention to the Players and their needs at all times
  • Helps pack up the team equipment to return to storage if playing in the last game of the day.
  • Enforces league rules, including requirement for wearing correct footwear, wearing a uniform, and having the batting helmet on. (No Shoes, No Play; No Uniform, No Play) Works with Volunteer Coordinator to resolve issues.
  • Demonstrates enthusiasm, love, and concern for each Player and family


Volunteer Updates

Volunteer Request

Looking for 1 to 3 volunteers: Do we have any Miracle League Volunteers past or present who would be interested in doing 1 or possibly all 3 of our Buddy Orientation sessions for new volunteers this season?
It's pretty easy and I have a guide set up to help you. They all take place in the middle of May and typically occur on a Wednesday, Saturday, Tuesday schedule at the ballpark.
All of our new volunteers are required to attend an orientation to help ensure they have a clear understanding of what we expect of them as buddies, understand the rules of the league and to have any questions they may have answered. It takes about 30 minutes in total.
After the orientation you'd also be required to provide them with their buddy shirts, which will be in bins at the field for you.
If you're interested please contact me at 920-713-6562 or email me at and I'll go through the process with you.
Thank you in advance!
Shelly Curran
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Volunteers needed

Preparations for the 2022 season are underway and we are in need of over 200 buddy volunteers! If you have an 1 1/2 a week available for 10 weeks this summer, we have an awesome baseball player who's looking for a buddy to have fun with. For more information and to register click on the volunteer tab. Thank you in advance, we hope to see you soon!
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Volunteers needed for 2022

Calling all VOLUNTEERS! Registration for the 2022 is now open and our players need you to sign up to be their buddy. Every player must have a buddy to participate so why not sign up for a fun filled summer of baseball, laughter and fun! Buddies are assigned on a first come first serve basis so if you have a specific player you'd like to mentor or a team you are familiar with, sign up early to help ensure we can honor your request. Team Assistants are needed for several teams and there's one position open for an Assistant Coach. If you're interested in one of those positions add a note to the comment section when you register. Thank you all in advance for choosing to be Miracle League of Green Bay Volunteers, we appreciate you more than you know.
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Volunteers, buddy assignments have been completed and we're doing our best to get the word out to you. Please assume you have been assigned as either a permanent buddy or sub and join us at the ballpark tomorrow, Saturday June 6th, 2021. We'll need every available sub buddy we can get. Remember all buddies need to wear a buddy uniform and athletic shoes to be on the field. Thank you all once again for Volunteering for the Miracle league of Green Bay. We hope your experience as a player buddy is one you'll never forget.
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